Cowboy Cat Ranch
2016, August 29th
It took forever to find a contractor to help build the enclosure for our cats and to decide on the dimensions and what materials to use. For financial and fire safety reasons we decided not to extend the enclosure beyond the existing patio. Therefore the dimensions will only be 70 ft long, 8 ft wide and 8 ft high. Last week we ordered the metal panels for the enclosure: 12 gauge woven stainless steel with 1/2 inch openings (see pictures below). $3,450 and change for 9 panels, each about 10 ft by 8 ft, but it's extremely high quality. The panels were picked up and delivered by the contractor last Thursday. The next day he bought and delivered the lumber (see picture below) that is needed for this project: about $1,300. Last Friday evening we bought primer and paint (Sherwin-Williams Emerald): $475. The total for just the materials at this point is $5,225. I don't think we will need a lot more materials, but we will still have to pay for the labor. Today they put in the first panel (see picture below) and i must say i am quite pleased with the result so far. Most importantly, hopefully our cats can go outside at the end of this week.

Production of the panels at Precision Screen Manufacturing in San Antonio, TX.

Production of the panels at Precision Screen Manufacturing in San Antonio, TX.

Production of the panels at Precision Screen Manufacturing in San Antonio, TX.

It really is as thick and strong as it looks on this picture.

Half inch openings.

The cedar wood: 18 2x6 (10 ft), 18 2x6 (8 ft), 18 2x4 (10 ft) and 18 2x4 (8 ft).

John painting the posts.

John cutting the panel so it will fit exactly.

The view from within the enclosure.

The view from outside the enclosure.

2016, July 8th
Next month we'll be moving to San Antonio, Texas. We bought a house (see picture below) in the countryside, with 5 acres of land. We'll be constructing an outdoor enclosure for our 5 cats of about 70 ft long, 20 ft wide and 8 ft heigh. Inside the house we'll build many shelves on the walls and we'll make some holes in the walls to connect rooms for them. Since we'll be living in Texas and in memory of our beloved Cowboy (see pictures below), a cat who we met at Room 8, a cat sanctuary in Riverside, California, we have decided to name our home after him: Cowboy Cat Ranch.

As of next week hopefully our new home, just outside of San Antonio, Texas.

Beautiful Cowboy. I took this photograph of him about a day before he passed away.

Cowboy was one of the cats who participated in our study on olfactory enrichment.

Cowboy rolling around in my lap, enjoying silver vine powder.